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The soul has been given its own ears to hear things
that the mind does not understand


The soul always knows what to do to heal itself.
The challenge is to silence the mind.
(Caroline Myss)

Shamanism holds to a core set of values and beliefs that are fundamental to indigenous peoples across the world and to our ancient ancestors irrespective of religion and culture.  It considers that all life is connected and that all things are energy and have a spirit and it is the spirit whether plant, animal, mineral, person or other world being that can be communicated with and petitioned for help; that the world is connected to other worlds and times that can influence each other and be journeyed to.

The word “Shaman” is now a generic word we use in the West to describe the healers and seers of indigenous cultures and ancient traditions but originally derived from a Siberian word meaning “one who sees in the dark”.

Within shamanism there are a number of shamanic practices and techniques that I can use with clients to help them to uncover the cause of the problem that is presenting itself and which working together we can use to bring about change.

Some of the practices and techniques used within shamanism are:


Shamanic journey

A journey undertaken to find out what work needs to be done with the client.


Soul retrieval

Integrating the client’s soul fragments lost due to trauma, stress or difficult life events.


Energy extraction

The removal of unwanted or blocked energy from the client’s energy system to allow the life force to move freely throughout the body.


Power retrieval

Retrieving and re-energising lost energy from the client’s energy system to bring the body back to a point of equilibrium.


Plant spirit retrieval

Connecting to the essence of a plant in order to infuse the client’s subtle bodies with the plant’s subtle energies (spirit) to stimulate healing, inspiration and balance within the body (please note this is not herbalism but working shamanically with the plant's spirit).


Healing ceremonies and rites

Bespoke rituals and ceremonies created to assist the client’s healing journey.



Chanting, drumming, music that can influence the client’s subtle bodies and energies.


Soul Rescue

The practice of passing over the earthbound spirits of those who have died but due to circumstances such as fear, attachment to the material world or trauma have not passed over into the Light.


Land & Space clearing

The clearing of land or space of negative and harmful influences that can impact on a client in order to bring harmony, balance and wellbeing.


Ancestral healing

The healing of the client’s ancestral lines in order to clear negative patterns and influences that can be passed down through the generations.

£50 for initial session (approximately 1 hour); £15 per hour for any subsequent sessions.


Energy is all there is.

Energy cannot be created or destroyed,
it can only be changed from one form to another

(Albert Einstein)

Energy healing is the conscious and skilled use of therapeutic modalities to benefit a person on a subtle and emotional level, as well as in their general and physical well-being.  It is the generic term for any therapy (i.e. Reiki, reflexology, acupuncture, flower essences, spiritual healing etc.) that works on the energy circuits (i.e. meridians, auric bodies, chakras) in the physical or subtle bodies to regain their natural balance and to stimulate the body’s innate healing mechanisms in order for the body to operate at its optimum level.

Quantum physics has acknowledged that everything is made up of energy and that it is the most basic building block of life and although in most instances we can’t see it, ‘it doesn’t mean it isn’t there’.  It is the difference in the vibrational frequency which gives energy its illusion of substance or not.

Our personal energies are delicately balanced and are connected to the body’s physical systems, organs and glands.  Energy imbalances can result from both internal and external factors (i.e. trauma, phobias, anxiety and stress, environmental stresses and toxins, nutrition, exercise etc.).  It is when the energy is blocked or disturbed that we can become ill or feel ‘not quite right’ and this can impact on our mental, emotional and physical well-being.  This can then inhibit our ability to cope with everyday situations which over a long period of time can lead to physical ill-health.  If the energy system is clear and balanced we will be better equipped to deal with situations and circumstances which can lead to stress.

I have trained in a number of energy practices and techniques that can be used to work with the energy system.

Cost: £30 per session (approximately 1 hour)


Listen with the ears of tolerance!
See through the eyes of compassion!
Speak with the language of love!

As an Interfaith Minister I am an ordained, self-employed and non-denominational Minister who has undertaken an intensive two year training course in Ministry and Spiritual Counselling with the seminary of the OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation in the UK.

The core belief of the Foundation is “Many ways: One Truth” and at its heart is Love, which is the central focus of all faiths and traditions or none.  Interfaith does not rival traditional religions but serves as an inclusive spiritual addition.

I offer bespoke ceremonies, co-created with you, to honour and celebrate all the special occasions in life.  For example (but not limited to):

  • Weddings/Blessings, Handfastings, Civil Partnerships, Renewal of Vows
  • Funerals and Memorials
  • Baby Blessings and Namings
  • Rites of Passage
  • Healing Ceremonies
  • Worship Services
  • Spiritual Counselling

The beauty of an interfaith ceremony is that it can accommodate any reasonable requests and be held at a venue to suit your needs - everything is possible and nothing is essential or prescribed.  The ceremony will include the elements that are right for all those involved; reflecting your respective beliefs or none - the key being respect and flexibility.

As an Interfaith Minister I can offer suggestions for structure, content, music, readings and procedure and would be honoured to be your celebrant on the day.


  • Weddings, Blessings, Handfastings, Civil Partnerships, Renewal of Vows
    - £120 (plus expenses)
    An important point to know is that in the UK (excluding Scotland and Northern Ireland) if you want to be legally married (as opposed to just having a commitment ceremony), you will still need to attend the Registry Office but you can do this at any time. You merely complete the short legalities and then save the exchange of your rings and vows/promises for your special wedding ceremony with your family and friends.  Further information can be found on the Registry Office/Registrar Marriage Government website.
  • Funerals and Memorials - £120 (plus expenses)
  • Baby Blessings and Naming - £50 (plus expenses)
  • Rites of Passage - £50 (plus expenses)
  • Healing Ceremonies - £50 (plus expenses)
  • Worship Services - please contact me


The rose’s rarest essence lives in the thorns.

Love is the bridge between you and everything.


Spiritual counselling offers a sacred space in which to unfold and connect with our true essence and provides a sacred space of non-judgement for deep listening, empathy and acceptance.

As an ordained Interfaith Minister I am trained in counselling skills that advocate the spirit of love, equality and friendship for the purpose of accompanying people (through counselling based on awakening; in a non-judgemental, non-denominational inclusive spiritual way) on their journey towards wholeness.

In a safe, confidential and sacred space which we create together you may experience unconditional acceptance whilst expressing a full range of emotions.

Sessions are led by you and may commence with a prayer, breathing or silence (or whatever you feel appropriate) until we come to a place of stillness and with a sense of readiness begin.  Once the session has commenced I will listen deeply with empathic, non-judgemental acceptance; I may ask questions to clarify anything I am not sure of or questions that I feel may be relevant and helpful although silence can also be a powerful tool as we work together through the issues and concerns that you have brought to the session.

Cost: £25 per session (approximately 1 hour)