(The Sacred Trust)

1. Pay Attention

Stay in the present.  It is the only place anything is actually happening.

2. Take Responsibility

This is your life, take it back.  Either you get to own it, or you blame someone or something else for it.

3. No 'Kvetching'

No whining, no snivelling - it takes you out of the present and lets you abdicate responsibility.

4. Don’t Take Any Sh*t

It’s very bad for one’s self-esteem to take abuse, in any form.  Stand up to your tyrants, both internal and external. The cost is too great not to.

5. Do It Anyway

Hard choices temper our strength and our integrity; they make the difference between a life of mediocrity and a life of excellence.

6. Don’t Give Up

Look at what stops you, at where you give the effort up.  That is the edge between becoming a victim or a spiritual warrior.

7. Keep Your Agreements

A warrior is only as good as his/her word.  The way we build self-trust and trust in others is by making and keeping our agreements.

8. Keep Your Sense of Humour

Otherwise what’s the point?  Humour helps us to stretch beyond ourselves and our own limits.

9. Love One Another

Otherwise where’s the meaning?  It’s the way we remember we’re not alone in this universe.

10. Honour Your Connection to Source

There is a force in the universe greater than ourselves that creates us, sustains us, provides for us, cares for us, guides us, and loves us. It speaks to us from within.  Trust it.