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“When we first started discussing our wedding ceremony, we both felt very strongly that the most important thing about it would be a sense of inclusiveness, for our joint beliefs, our way of seeing the world and everyone else’s. Making a true, strong spiritual connection with each other and our friends and family was what we felt would be key to the day and indeed our future together.

As we began talking about this, we were pointed in the direction of Shirley as an Interfaith Celebrant and Minister - something we knew little about previously - so we made an arrangement to meet. It was clear from the first time we met that Shirley was just the person we were looking for to be our celebrant. She immediately put us at ease and listened to where we were coming from and what was important to us. She guided us through ideas about what the ceremony could entail and was so open and warm and generous that we felt very comfortable around her. We had no idea how to structure the service and she gave us guides that we could use and templates of things to say but at the same time maintained the belief that we should make it as personal and individual as we wanted to and she would help us in any way possible to achieve this.

She was incredibly generous with her time, meeting us with us and speaking to us as often as we needed. She gave us books on marriage and different types of ceremonies as well as examples of vows (it was really important for us to write our own) and she was very flexible and easy going about doing the service our way. Having Shirley as our celebrant meant that through the spiritual work she does and has trained to do, the blessings felt sacred and special and exactly what we were looking for. She even made us a beautiful handmaid hand fastening ribbon, gave us an anniversary candle to use in the ceremony and sang beautifully. I cannot recommend Shirley and her work highly enough. We had the most magical day and so much of that was down to the beautiful, personal and sacred celebration Shirley performed.”
Mr & Mrs Whatley | London

“Just to say I can’t thank you enough, from me and Antony and Olivia & Ryan, for your beautiful meaningful wedding ceremony at the weekend. It was truly lovely and so Spirit filled - and I can’t imagine anyone else handling it as amazingly as you did!!

All I can say is that your angel blessings and work rippled on throughout the day bringing peace and joy to everyone around Olivia & Ryan - and in the end everyone was so kind and loving and supportive - as ideally it should be on a wedding day - it made it a very special occasion. And many people have already said how much they loved both the day, and particularly the ceremony - and I know many of the young folks were very inspired.”
C.V. | London

“Thank you so very much for your wonder way of conducting John’s funeral service. The whole family really appreciated your quiet confidence and the security of knowing that you were there to help if needed. Thank you also for helping to arrange everything so that it all ran smoothly. We felt too that you managed to be entirely present without impressing your own personality. With very grateful thanks.”
Laura / Ewell

“It has been my very good fortune to have spent time with Shirley on a number of occasions, all of which have proven most beneficial. In particular a fabulous healing session which revealed and cleared far more than I had anticipated. Shirley is an exceptionally gifted and sensitive healer and I have no hesitation in recommending this, one of her many talents.”
S.L. | Sheffield

“Shirley has an honed ability to sing to the spirits which raises a tremendous amount of power, acting as a conductor and caller of energy and blessing. Holding this ability and being able to simultaneously direct power(s) for change and transformation is a unique talent that I have been blessed to witness in ceremony. I so appreciate having worked with Shirley in ceremony and as a receiver of her healing and spirit contact. I whole heartedly recommend Shirley as a shamanic healer and guide she has an earthy grounded depth and integrity. Her honest, wise counsel blended with her quiet confidence makes Shirley a safe haven in today’s demanding world.”
Francesca, Child of Bones

“Shirley has taken me on several tailor made journeying meditations to resolve issues and release past traumas. She uses her natural ability alongside her shamanic training so what she came up with always felt right and was always successful.
She has a wide range of skills and extensive knowledge which she calls on as needed. This is always tempered with great wisdom.
Shirley has unwavering dedication to following her spiritual path which includes working for planet Earth as well as helping her fellow man, particularly the armed forces including those who have given their lives.
I would not hesitate to recommend Shirley.”
C.H. Ewell | Surrey

“I have known Shirley for several years and have found that she has an amazing presence and when she uses her voice for calling in the spirits or for healing, it is something that will not be forgotten as it is so special. I would thoroughly recommend Shirley for any healing or ritual that involves sound, as you will find this an unforgettable experience.”
R.H. | London

“Shirley is a powerful shaman and healer; a teacher and wise woman. Her workshops are full of knowledge and insights, I love them! Soul rescue is just one of Shirley’s expertise. Her deep and lasting ‘cutting of the ties’ has been of lasting benefit for myself after years of trying to be free.” M.S. | Reigate