raven's wing MY TRAINING

Two-year Accredited Spiritual Healing course

Including a certificate in Anatomy and Physiology (The College of Psychic Studies, London)

Usui Reiki

Levels 1 and 2 (practitioner level)

Reiki Seichem

Levels 1, 2 and 3 (master/teacher level)

Green Ray Reiki

Levels 1 and 2 (practitioner level)

Inspiration: The Reiki of Atlantis

 Channelled by Edwin Courtenay (practitioner level):

  • Module 1:        Part 1: Introduction - The Atlantean Awakenment
                             Part 2: The Temple of Peace - The Healing Awakenment
  • Module  2:       The Eye Tower - The Channel Awakenment
  • Module  3:       The Royal Family of Earth - The Uriel Awakenment
  • Module  5:       The Royal Family of Fire - The Michael Awakenment
  • Module  7:       The Royal Family of Spirit - The Melchizadek Awakenment
  • Module 10:       The Atlantean Guard - The “Rescue” Centre Awakenment
  • Module 11:       The Sea Priests/Priestesses - The Shamanic Awakenment
  • Module 12:       The Temple of the Divine Mother - The Voidal Awakenment *
  • Module 13:       The Crystal Skulls - The Crystal Skull Awakenment

* Please note this Module is only available to women and I am able to teach this module.


Runeki – The Reiki of the Runes

Channelled by Edwin Courtenay (practitioner level)


Two-year shamanic practitioner course

With The Sacred Trust (formerly the UK Faculty for the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, the foremost core-shamanic training organisation, directed by Dr Michael Harner) (2006-2008)


Two-year OneSpirit Interfaith Seminary course

Including spiritual counselling (2011-2013); ordained August 2013


One-year British Plant Spirit Dreaming course

With Rob Wilson (2014)


Soul Rescuers

Three-year Soul Rescuers Foundation course (2014-2017)

I have also attended, over many years, various other workshops and trainings for my own self-mastery, development and knowledge which have enriched the wisdom and knowledge that I can bring to my work, my teaching and my every-day life.